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Our history

          “Between past and future”          

It is in her workshop-showroom in Avignon that Pascale Palun presents a very personal, poetic and mysterious universe. Faded materials, imbued with memories, these are the designer's raw materials. In his hands, worn objects, witnesses of the passing of time, find a second wind and take on a new history.


After studying fashion design (ESMOD Paris) and ten years of work in fashion, Pascale Palun took a break to raise her son. To keep herself busy, she makes things for her house with whatever she can get her hands on. These “little things” please his friends as well as a few shops in the region who place orders from him. Shortly after, she created, with her husband, “Voxpopuli”.


John Malkovich asked him to decorate his house and the presentation of his work at the Maison & Objects make everything speed up. Orders come in from all over the world: Japan, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Europe... However, Pascale strives to ensure that each piece is unique, handmade and imperfect.


“Voxpopuli” is aimed at people who take the time, who find themselves between past and future and decide to create an infinitely personal interior.

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